Billy Corbett

Billy Corbett


Back in High School (in the late‘70’s) I had a vision of becoming the person who would help as many people become as healthy and fit as I possibly could. I would write to Hollywood trainers and ask what it would take to become one of them. Some even wrote back with the sage advice of which I reflect on still today. 35 years later I still have the dream of helping as many people become as healthy and physically well as I can. I still write to other trainers and I do it from the position of being a leader and colleague and not just a raw inexperienced young guy.

Since our future will be in the hands of the youth of today I feel it is imperative we all act in helping them to learn a healthy lifestyle. I have kept the bar high on MY expectations for a healthy lifestyle. I am hopeful that the other professionals I have encountered in this youth fitness revolution will also seize the reigns and help me direct a generation that has no idea what is waiting for them. The standard of life we set for this generation is the standard of life they will expect in the future. My sincere gratitude for taking the time to be a part of this ride.

Education / Training

  • Bachelor of Science – the State University of New York at Cortland
 – Sports Management
  • IYCA Youth Fitness Specialist Level III
  • IYCA Youth Speed and Agility Specialist
  • NSCA Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • Board Member on the Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness
  • Board Member for Heritage College Personal Training program.

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