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Are you looking to get your middle school athlete an inside edge on speed, strength, and conditioning? Our exploration program is our sports performance program geared towards middle school athletes from 6th grade to 8th grade.

These years are crucial for establishing maximum athletic performance and reducing future injuries. With everything that occupies the life of a HS student its imperative that this area of their life is handled professionally and proficiently.

For our high school students, our Transformation program is designed to improve:

  • First step quickness
  • Breakaway speed
  • Quick change of direction
  • Dynamic Power and Strength
  • Injury reducing mobility and flexibility


The program provides all the fundamentals of successful performance training in convenient two-day a week, 75 minutes a day sessions.

From speed and energy system development, mobility, pliability, and agility, our staff provides programming that challenges those that aspire to not only make the team but to be a team contributor. as well as push those that are excelling at a high level within their sport.


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